Cape Cod Photography | Top 5 Spots You Need to Shoot


Cape Cod Photography Spots to Fill Your Frames

A rusted heavy chain in the foreground.  A dock beside a salt water estuary

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It’s hard not to find great spots for shooting Cape Cod photography but, use this as a guide to maximize your time and skip straight to clicking.  These are the Local’s Guide picks for the Top 5 spots to fill your place with the beauty of the Cape.

Cape Cod Photography | Enter the Creepshow

A building out of focus and seen through a rusty chain link fenceCape Cod is riddled with abandoned structures that make for some great shots.  Capture rustic Cape Cod photography at its best.  Pay attention to signage, don’t trespass, and you can capture the creepshow at the abandoned Truro Air Force Base (it may be on the road to development so do not delay).A rusty hatchway inside an old building

Going in?! Mwuh ha ha ha ha ha!

A rusty door and room with peeling paint

Cape Cod Photography | Enough Lighthouses to Laugh About

A white light house and building seen through dried sea grassCape Cod photography that doesn’t include lighthouses?!  There are plenty to choose from with 14 plus dotting the Cape, some easy to get to and others not so much.  A short walk will take you to a classic, Stage Harbor Lighthouse in Chatham.

White with red trim lighthouse and lighthouse buildingCape Cod Photography | Try Truro for a Treat

Dozens of small boarded up cottages, some with green shutters, by the oceanIf you want that one shot that seems to signify the Cape, head to Truro for the Cottages shot.

Cape Cod Photography | Dunes of the Provincelands will do you in

dunes covered with dried sea grassNo one ever said art was easy, better to be in great shape for this one.  Take your food and water and plan a full day…you will fill your camera and your mind with endless images of striking beauty.

an old artist shack in the dunes of ProvincetownAn old artist shack in the dunes of cape codCape Cod Photography | Roll the Rivers

A salt water estuary with a red boat in the waterThere’s plenty of them and the access is easy.  For another classic Cape Cod scene, park at a bridge and wander down to the river.  You will find the shot you seek.  The picture above was shot at the upper reaches of the Bass River.  The  below picture was shot on the Herring River in West Harwich, a 5 minute walk from the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn.

A salt water estuary with 2 red boats in the waterCape COd Photography | Tip: The Golden Hour

A white building at sunsetIt’s all about the light, find the best light an hour after sun rise or an hour before sundown for optimum results.  There is no comparison.

A white building at sunset with a wooden fence

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