Top 5 (Secret) Best Cape Cod Beaches


The Local’s guide to the best cape cod beaches

The best Cape Cod beaches are whatever beach you happen to be on, there are no bad beaches!  There is something about having a beach all to yourself though, enough that it brings out a little  explorer in most of us.  A short hike will take you to some of the best, empty beaches that due to their isolation tend to renew that adventurer’s spirit in you.  You will not see many other people out here, they are at the “easy” beaches: Coast Guard Beach, Nauset Beach, Bank Street Beach, West Dennis Beach.  Great beaches but, full of people.  If you are reading this, you know the payoff to a little adventure… enjoy the local’s guide to the best Cape Cod beaches and finding your own secret spot!  Find out more about Cape Cod from a local’s view with our complimentary downloadable vacation travel guide.

crowe’s pasture beach, dennis

a sandy path through beach grass to the ocean.

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On the North side of the Cape is the Cape Cod Bay, encompassing a huge stretch of coastline from Provincetown all the way around to Plymouth.  There are a lot of great secret beaches but this one is special.  If you catch it at low tide you have the chance to see the Quivett Neck Oyster farms that are normally under five to eight feet of water.  This is one of the best Cape Cod beaches for the views and isolation but also the unique “aquaculture” growing just under the waves.  This is part of the Crowe’s Pasture Conservation Area so it is not difficult to find.  Park where they tell you to and expect about a mile walk to the beach.  If you have a Dennis Off Road permit, feel free to drive all the way out!

waves rolling onto the shore

Bound brook island, wellfleet

a sandy path with a wooden bench off to the side.  dunes covered with vegetation on each side

Bound Brook Island is one of the best Cape Cod beaches because of the isolation.  You are on the Cape Cod Bay, overlooking the coast all the way to Provincetown, and feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.  There are some private homes in the area but, they are few and spread apart.  When the tide goes out, the sand bars appear …opening all kinds of possibilities for the tidal pool explorer.  There are always big views and not many people making this one of the best Cape Cod beaches for those seeking an escape from the crowds.  Google maps will get you there, park at the Atwood Higgins House and expect to walk a mile to a mile and a half to the beach.

a beach with white capped waves

The Beaches of the dunes of the provincelands, Provincetown

a dune hill with beach grass off to each side

The beaches of the Dunes of the Provincelands cover a large area, mostly abandoned, and all equally impressive!  This is also one of the best Cape Cod beaches that takes a real effort to get there.  You will walk a mile and a half or so through fine sand and big dunes but, it is worth it.  On the way, stop and wonder at the Dune Shacks that have sprung up from various bits of flotsam and jetsam from the many shipwrecks off the coast.  This is truly one of the best beaches on Cape Cod and gives the traveler the sense that if you walk far enough, you will find yourself completely alone on the Outer Cape of the Cape Cod National Seashore…a very special place to be.  Watch the off road traffic during high season, it can be a busy place too.  Best access point: have someone drop you off at Snail Road off Route 6 and hike east.  You will see the ocean over the first big dune.

a vast sandy beach

the beaches of the great island trail, wellfleet

dunes and beach by the sea

Nothing great is easy, prepare for a hike to fully enjoy one of the best Cape Cod beaches.  The beaches of the Great Island trail bring you to the best of two types of beaches: the Bay side and the Harbor side.  If you are looking for long stretches of sand, surrounded by water, that will take you to the middle of the entrance to Wellfleet Harbor, this is it!  Watch the tides on your hike to Jeremy’s Point however, they can come back in with a surprise.  If more abandoned beaches sound like more abandoned beaches, this is different.  This is Cape Cod as it should be, undeveloped and full of history, ready to be explored.  The author was surprised to find a dune shack deep in the forests of the Great Island with old gear still intact.  An old tavern site waits to be discovered as well as a Pilgrim monument.  Park just off Chequessett Neck Road where it intersects with Griffins Island Road, Wellfleet.  There is a public lot with portable restrooms.  The trailhead begins just east of the lot and takes you around a salt marsh on the way to the Great Island.

at sunset the dried sea grasses turn orange beside a calm sea

Beach behind the cape cod museum of natural history, brewster

during the dormant season the branches create a tunnel over a dirt path

This is an easy one and the pay off is huge!  This beach is sandwiched between two coves just past a marsh so, if you are willing to make a short hike you find yourself on an island of tranquility.  Lots of room to move around and the beautiful waters of the bay make this one of the best Cape Cod beaches to play and relax…again, with very few people.  Best to park at Little Drummer Boy park and walk the short distance along Route 6A to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, unless you are a paying customer of the museum of course.  The trail is behind the museum and well marked.  Enjoy the freedom!

a white sandy path leads through dried beach grass towards the ocean

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view from above of a pool with tables and umbrellas around it
Relax by our pool

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