Arrrrr-guably the Best Cape Cod Pirate Museum…and in the World!


The Best Cape Cod Pirate Museum?  There are no others like it.

How could you possibly say this is the best pirate museum on Cape Cod?!  There is only one in the world with pirate treasure.  It’s on Cape Cod and it is worth a fortune!  400 million dollars at last count.  This is a tale of tragedy, discovery, and adventure!

Cape Cod pirate museum

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When Pirate Captain Samuel Bellamy set off from Jamaica to sail up the East Coast of the Americas he didn’t expect Barry Clifford to find his treasure and display it for the world to see.  He also didn’t expect to hit a sand bar 500 feet off what is now Wellfleet, Cape Cod.  All but two of the 130+ crew died…but two is enough for a legend.

Cape Cod pirate museum

Cape Cod pirate museum

The legend of the Pirate Ship Whydah tantalized Cape Codders for centuries until treasure hunter Barry Clifford discovered her final resting place in 1984.  Now, 1500 feet of the coast (due to erosion), in roughly 20 feet of water, and 30 feet of sand…lies the remainder of the only pirate treasure ever found!  The rest sits in the best Cape Cod pirate museum you didn’t know you had to see.  It is a phenomenal display and highlights a little known history of New England.

Cape Cod pirate museum

When the Local’s Guide visited the museum they were closed…fortunately for us the Archaeologist was right inside and lead us on a private tour.  We even got to meet Barry, the treasure hunter!  They were both sitting right inside the front door rolling around in pirate treasure when we interrupted.  In reality, they were both super laid back guys who had no pirate treasure on their person.  I would.  If I found pirate treasure I’d look like Mr. T.

To the tour; this was an awesome experience, we learned a history of pirates that we had no idea about previously.  A brief summary of the best Cape Cod pirate museum?  There is not only 400 million dollars in pirate treasure (gold and silver) but also a treasure in the daily items and weapons found.  You will know how the pirates lived, fought, and died by the time you exit this incredible display.

Cape Cod pirate museum

The best Cape Cod pirate museum should top your things to do on Cape Cod list, it is well worth a tour and only takes an hour or so.  Only 15-20 minutes from the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn and near some of our favorite foodie stops (check out Captain Parker’s right next door)…this is on our list for a great day on Cape Cod.

To Err is Human, to Arrrrrr is Pirate.

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