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Lighthouse with wreath

WHAT TO DO ON CAPE COD IN THE FALL??? When Labor Day rolls around, some folks think that it ends traveling to Cape Cod.  But ahh….now is when it gets really good here!  It goes without saying: Autumn is gorgeous on Cape Cod. As we enter our ‘shoulder season’, guests come to enjoy the crisp… [ READ MORE ]

How to Shuck an Oyster in 3 Easy Steps

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Shuck an Oyster

How to Shuck an Oyster If you will be near the coast this year, it’s time to learn how to shuck an oyster.  Delicious sweet meat in its own natural brine waits for you in the sandy shores of the bay but, how are you going to get to it?  You could drop a rock… [ READ MORE ]

Cape Cod Beer | Beer, Beer, Beer…We Love Beer!

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Cape Cod Beer

Cape Cod Beer Tours and Events   You come to Cape Cod for different reasons but, one things remains unchanged. . .seafood and beer go great together!  The Cape is lucky to have several great local breweries to keep us covered in suds.  Some of our favorites; Cape Cod Beer, Devil’s Purse Brewery, and Cisco… [ READ MORE ]

Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll | Top 3 Glorious Rolls

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picture of someone holding a lobster roll

The Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll?  Can you pick just one?   We tried to pick the best Cape Cod lobster roll and came up with three!  These lobster lovers can be picky too;  there has to be LOTS of meat, some celery for texture is always nice, and a great bun.  As we traveled… [ READ MORE ]

Top 3 Cape Cod Foodie Spots

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Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll

Cape Cod Foodie   If you think Cape Cod is all about Fried Seafood, check out these Cape Cod Foodie Spots for an eye opener!  The Foodie Movement has made it to New England and we all benefit as a result!  Ever heard of Devil’s on Horseback…me either but it has Bacon! and we found… [ READ MORE ]