Cape Cod Summer Baseball


A baseball player at home plate ready to hit a ball.  The umpire and catcher are behind him
Keep your eye on the ball!

The quintessential image conjured up by a sun-filled American summer day is of bat striking ball in the diamond of a baseball park. On Cape Cod we’re fortunate enough that this Norman Rockwell scene is filled with the future stars of the Major Baseball League (MBL) who come to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League hoping to catch the eye of one of the major league scouts.

The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn is located in Harwich, home to the Harwich Mariners one of the ten teams who compete for the annual Cape Cod trophy. For anyone vacationing on Cape Cod between June and August, whether a baseball aficionado or not, a trip to see one of the games is a must.

The league has been playing every summer since 1885 and is the showcase for the top collegiate baseball players from all across the US. It is a key stop for the major

A group of people sitting on green, yellow and red bleachers watching a baseball game
A Hot Dog at the Ballpark

league scouts and is the only league, outside of the major leagues, that uses wooden bats rather than the more common aluminum bats used in schools and colleges. Currently 1 in 7 of major league baseball players played in the Cape Cod Baseball League including two recent Boston Red Sox stalwarts; short-stop Antony Garciaparra and catcher Jason Varitek. So a strong performance on Cape Cod has a direct impact on draft position (and associated signing bonus!) and whether you will have the chance to part of future headlines in the MLB.

We encourage guests at our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast to plan an afternoon or evening sitting on the grass or bleachers, enjoying a hot dog and beer and marveling at the speed of a fast ball pitch at close range or the sound of the ball being launched out of the park for a home run.

Enjoy a  summer baseball tradition when you visit Cape Cod!  Should you need somewhere to stay give our Cape Cod Inn a call.

Go Harwich Mariners!

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