Where Do You Find The Best Ice Cream On Cape Cod?


An ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream

We’re often asked “where is the best place for an ice-cream on Cape Cod?’
The first answer that springs to mind is “safely in hand as you sit with your feet up on a sandy beach looking out across the blue waters of Nantucket Sound” but that does, of course, miss the one crucial step in the logistics of ice-cream devouring – where to purchase the ice-cream!

Many a debate has raged over this question. Is the “best ice-cream” a question of personal taste and purely subjective or is there such a thing as the “perfect” ice-cream that is an objective truth and if so where on Cape Cod is it to be found? Well there was only one thing to do, we had to make the ultimate sacrifice and try every ice cream we could find.  Here are our top 3 (in no particular order of deliciousness)

Exterior photo of Cape Cod Creamery with blue and yellow chairs and umbrellas out front
Cape Cod Creamery, Yarmouth

Cape Cod Creamery (Yarmouth)
The signature yellow and blue color scheme will catch your eye and draw you in as you pass through Yarmouth (also an outlet now in downtown Hyannis). The ice-cream is rich and sensationally smooth. Nothing beats kicking back outside in one of the Adirondack chairs enjoying your purchase and watching the summer world pass by.

the red and white old fashioned Sundae School ice cream truck on the grass
Sundae School Ice Cream (Dennis Port or Harwich Port)

Sundae School (Dennis Port, Harwich Port, Orleans)
Over 40 years of serving heat exhausted and beached-out Cape Cod vacationers, this stalwart began in Dennis Port but now has 3 locations on the Lower Cape. The ice-cream is superbly creamy and the selection of flavors and surprising combinations is unrivaled. Also love the antique ice-cream truck parked outside the original Dennis Port site.

Two hands each holding an ice cream cone in front of a neon sign that reads Holy Cow
Amazing ice cream at Holy Cow … a short walk from the Platinum Pebble

Holy Cow Ice Cream Cafe (Dennis Port)
A relative newcomer to the field that has rapidly caught the attention of true ice-cream aficionados. In a traditional diner setting with irresistible ice-cream and the friendliest service.  They have seasonal offerings with all fresh ingredients, and one of my favorites is their Blueberry Pie ice cream.  If it is on the menu that day, I get it.  No need to look at other options.

The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

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