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Cape Cod Valentines Special | Getaway to Romance!

Shawn Gilmore -

Rewind the clock with this Cape Cod Valentines Special   It is always nice to getaway and reintroduce the romance to a relationship.  Why not do it in one of the most beautiful places on Earth…Cape Cod!  This may just be the Cape Cod Valentines Special you are looking for. This Valentines, the Platinum Pebble… [ READ MORE ]

Babymoon on Cape Cod | Relax in Style

Shawn Gilmore -

It is Time for a Babymoon on Cape Cod!   “What?  You’re pregnant?!  All right!  Let’s celebrate our babymoon on Cape Cod at the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn.  I heard they have just the spot to relax and enjoy our last few months before the tornado hits.” – Overheard somewhere, speaker unknown All humor aside,… [ READ MORE ]

Staycation Cape Cod

Shawn Gilmore -

When you need a Staycation, what about your own backyard…Cape Cod!   Has Spring Fever or Fall Fatigue hit?  The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn has a special local’s discount for your Staycation right here at home on sunny Cape Cod.  If you have never heard the term before it simply means vacationing without leaving your… [ READ MORE ]