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Platinum Pebble

A Sign Of Things To Come On Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -

It didn’t matter how you looked at it or how you spun it, the fact remained that as long as the old “Lion’s Head Inn” sign continued to stand guard on our Cape Cod Inn, we could never declare that “The Platinum Pebble” had truly arrived. So after a long wait it was an exciting… [ READ MORE ]

Creating a Luxury Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast

Simon Hunton -

The transformation of The Platinum Pebble Inn into a luxury Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast is moving along in leaps and bounds.  Not even the recent barrages of snow have been able to hold us back. The expansion and re-design of the en-suite bathrooms is almost complete and the new tiling, enormous walk-in showers and… [ READ MORE ]

Exploring Cape Cod – Turning left on Route 28

Simon Hunton -

On a sunny Cape Cod day as Summer wound its way towards Fall I decided to take a walk of exploration from our front door at The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn along route 28 into West Dennis to see what I would find. I set off at a brisk pace as I’d recently read that… [ READ MORE ]

Blue Skies and Blue Prints

Simon Hunton -

Hurricane Earl blew up the East Coast as a fitting exclamation mark to end what has been a glorious and very Caribbean-like summer here on Cape Cod. Hazy blue-skies were the norm, and temperatures fluctuated between 80ºF and 90ºF in the welcome sea breezes that propelled the never-ending flotilla of yachts that bobbed across Nantucket… [ READ MORE ]

Before The Beginning in Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -

And so the day arrived, the 15th July. Not that it hadn’t been expected given that the previous day had been the 14th but still, for Annabelle and I it was to be the day that we embarked on “something completely different”, an exciting new voyage. A lot was happening on July 15th; in Canada… [ READ MORE ]