The Best View On Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -
Updated on August 25th, 2014


Let me start by saying thank you to John for being a wonderful guest, a friend and a great pilot and thank you for giving Annabelle a trip that she will never forget.

Cape Cod Flight

Are You Sure This Is Unleaded?

John offered to take Annabelle or myself up in his two-seater plane for an aerial view of Cape Cod. As a devout coward who gets a nose-bleed when I stand on tip-toes, this was always going to be a trip for Annabelle and anyway it had been a fair few years since she’d been swept off her feet so, following good management principles, I was happy to delegate the “sweeping off the feet” task to John. And so it came to pass last week when Annabelle took to the air from Chatham airport to conduct a flying tour of Cape Cod & the Islands.

Cape Cod Aerial View

Beautiful Cape Cod

Once airborne they flew over the stunning Cape Cod National Golf Club, which borders Harwich and Brewster, and thankfully captured it in a photograph so at least next time I play there I now know where to find the fairways! It was then onward and upward along the pristine National Seashore and over Provincetown and Long Point Lighthouse and out to the ocean to do some whale-watching.

Cape Cod National Golf Course

So That’s What the Fairways Look Like!


Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod Shifting Sand Bars

Cape Cod Lighthouse

Long Point Lighthouse – P’Town


Provincetown from above

Then they flew back across the cape and out across Nantucket Sound to drop into Martha’s Vineyard for a spot of lunch, as you do.

On Approach to Martha's Vineyard

On Approach to Martha’s Vineyard


Lunch consumed it was chocs-away again and up into the blue yonder as they island hopped across to Tuckernuck, a small and very exclusive island off the island of Nantucket. The airstrip was literally a mown strip of grass in someone’s back yard. This was really Biggles stuff and Annabelle was getting to see an island that very few people have had the chance to set foot upon.

Off again, they flew north back across the Sound to beautiful Harwich to conduct a fly-by of The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn before banking east to land back in neighbouring Chatham.


Allen Harbor, Harwich

It was quite the adventure and Annabelle was fortunate to see some incredible views of Cape Cod and so the best view on Cape Cod is apparently sat next to John looking out of his cockpit window. There are flying tours available for Cape Cod and well worth the investment.

Safe travels,