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Texas Chili Recipe

Mike Hogan -

Texas chili

Warm up with a bowl of genuine Texas Chili   With Snowzilla leaving tons of snow in its wake we decided the recipe for a good bowl of Texas Chili would help to keep you warm.  This is Texas Chili done right, with beer and no beans.  The key is the different cuts of meat… [ READ MORE ]

Top 3 Cape Cod Foodie Spots

Mike Hogan -

Culinary tours

If you think Cape Cod is all about Fried Seafood, check out these Cape Cod Foodie Spots for an eye opener!  The Foodie Movement has made it to New England and we all benefit as a result!  Ever heard of Devil’s on Horseback…me either but it has Bacon! and we found them at one of… [ READ MORE ]

Best Restaurants on Cape Cod – Top 5 for your dining pleasure

Mike Hogan -

When you think of foodie destinations, you probably don’t have Cape Cod at the top of your list…or on it at all!  Surprisingly, it is not all fried Seafood. The Best Restaurants on Cape Cod offer truly incredible dining experiences.  This post will focus on restaurants around the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn.  Some are walking… [ READ MORE ]

Best Cape Cod Ice Cream

Mike Hogan -

Best Cape Cod Ice Cream

Lots of guests ask where to find the best Cape Cod ice cream so, we traveled around Mid and Lower-Cape to find out.  We went to 5 ice cream shops and have two Top 5 lists for you.  Best tasting ice cream on Cape Cod and Best Ice Cream Parlor on Cape Cod (by the… [ READ MORE ]

Cape Cod Vacation – 17 Things To Do on Cape Cod (that you may not expect)

Simon Hunton -

Cranberry Farming, Harwich

There are many things that may drag you to the edge of your seat in 2013; 50th anniversary of the first Dr. Who and the assassination of JFK (coincidence?  I don’t think so), the British Lions tour of Australia, a new Prince or Princess being welcomed into the Royal Family, The Platinum Pebble bidding to… [ READ MORE ]