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Where to Stay on Cape Cod

Mike Hogan -

If you have never been here, how do you know Where to Stay on Cape Cod?   This may be your dream vacation…you need to know where to stay on Cape Cod so you can maximize the time you have to enjoy your trip.  This is a guide to give you the information you seek… [ READ MORE ]

Christmas on Cape Cod

Mike Hogan -

Christmas on Cape Cod is more of a feeling than a time of year.  It is where you want to  be to bring back the bliss of Christmas’ gone by.  You can feel the spirit in each town and in every event.  We came to Cape Cod because you have a sense of going back… [ READ MORE ]

Shark Adventures Cape Cod

Mike Hogan -

As the Great White Shark population grows, so do the Shark Adventures!   If you are looking for adventure, there is none like Cape Cod Shark Adventures!  There were 68 Great White Sharks tagged off the Outer Cape in 2014.  With a growing seal population that number will only go up.  2015 numbers are not… [ READ MORE ]

Cape Cod Bike Trail

Mike Hogan -

Would you like a unique perspective of Cape Cod?  The Cape Cod Bike Trail is a phenomenal bike path that riders can take 22 miles over the Cape.  There are also side trips off the trail offering access to Nickerson State Park and the Cape Cod National Seashore.  We will take you through Nickerson State… [ READ MORE ]

The Best View On Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -

Let me start by saying thank you to John for being a wonderful guest, a friend and a great pilot and thank you for giving Annabelle a trip that she will never forget. John offered to take Annabelle or myself up in his two-seater plane for an aerial view of Cape Cod. As a devout… [ READ MORE ]