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Cape Cod Inn – Red Chair Travels

Simon Hunton -

This month The Platinum Pebble played host to an honored guest from Wood’s Hole, Cape Cod – The Red Chair. The Red Chair has left its home at The Wood’s Hole Inn (escaping the commotion of the incredible renovation work that’s going on there) and set about traveling the length and breadth of Cape Cod… [ READ MORE ]

Best Cape Cod Inn – The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn’s Vote

Simon Hunton -

As September’s end approaches and we bid adieu to Cape Cod’s peak season, it seems not out of place to reflect briefly on the inaugural year for The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn. The summer has flashed by with Usain Bolt-like speed in a blur of wonderful guests who have come from all points of the… [ READ MORE ]

Exploring Cape Cod’s Route 28 (Part Two – Turning Right)

Simon Hunton -

With the sun resisting any temptation to take a rest this summer I decided to enjoy its warmth and treat myself to an afternoon meander from our Cape Cod Inn, The Platinum Pebble, down route 28 toward the beautiful harbor village of Harwichport. Not 100 yards from the inn on the corner of our street… [ READ MORE ]

Thank You!!

Simon Hunton -

Thanks for these recent articles on The Platinum Pebble PerpetuallyChic Skip the Marriott. Opting for a cozy B&B when traveling gives you a taste of local hospitality (though in our case, the delightful innkeepers were actually imported from abroad). The Platinum Pebble Inn, an old sea captain’s house circa 1830’s, is a gem tucked… [ READ MORE ]

A Sign Of Things To Come On Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -

It didn’t matter how you looked at it or how you spun it, the fact remained that as long as the old “Lion’s Head Inn” sign continued to stand guard on our Cape Cod Inn, we could never declare that “The Platinum Pebble” had truly arrived. So after a long wait it was an exciting… [ READ MORE ]