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Mike Hogan -

Every day is a good day for Cape Cod Golf, even better that the perfect weather of Fall is right around the corner.  We spent a day getting to know our local favorite, Cranberry Valley Golf Course. When we arrived the course was in exceptional shape and like the rest of Cape Cod, very green! … [ READ MORE ]

Cape Cod Vacation – Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Simon Hunton -

The day started, as all days should, with big Bertha (lovely lass) firmly in my grip and an empty fairway spreading out before me.  I was playing a round (purely a fling, nothing serious) with my good Scottish friend Angus McCoteup.  Angus had already driven off but he’d kindly left the fairway empty for me…. [ READ MORE ]

A Pair of Red Sox on Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -

Events last week conspired to bring a broad smile to my face; the overwhelming friendliness of Cape-Codders, how small the world can be, how the fanatical devotion of supporting a sports team can make a first-time acquaintance seem like a life-long friend (maybe this is more of a male thing), beautiful Cape Cod weather and… [ READ MORE ]