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Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod Hurricane Watch

Simon Hunton -

As of 10am the wind has picked up in Harwich but still no rain. I guess the peak will hit in a couple of hours but it looks like we’ll be spared the real wrath of Irene. It’s now downgraded to a Tropical Storm and at the moment bringing a warm southerly (stiff) wind to… [ READ MORE ]

Awaiting The Cape Cod Hurricane

Simon Hunton -

We ventured out on Saturday afternoon, or T minus 18 hours if you will until the long awaited arrival of Irene. A lady with a rather misleading name given that it stems from Greek mythology as a goddess who personified Peace. Yet here she was barreling up the East Coast promising and personifying nothing but… [ READ MORE ]

Cape Cod Kite Surfing

Simon Hunton -

The blue skies above the waters and beaches of Cape Cod near to our Cape Cod Inn, The Platinum Pebble, are filled with a rich variety of local and migratory birds that shift with the seasons to include ospreys, herons, oyster-catchers, orioles, cormorants, sandpipers, coots, plovers, chickadees, hawks and more. But come summer two recent,… [ READ MORE ]