Awaiting The Cape Cod Hurricane

Simon Hunton -

Cape Cod Beach

Nauset Beach Eerily Quiet Pre-Hurricane

Cape Cod Rain

Waiting For Irene With Brolly At The Ready

We ventured out on Saturday afternoon, or T minus 18 hours if you will until the long awaited arrival of Irene. A lady with a rather misleading name given that it stems from Greek mythology as a goddess who personified Peace. Yet here she was barreling up the East Coast promising and personifying nothing but chaos (or tremendous surfing depending on your perspective!).

Cape Cod Paddleboard

A Stand-Up Surfer Stays ahead of Irene

Cape Cod Surfing

Can't Beat A Slight Onshore Breeze for Surfing

We joined some other beach and surf lovers to see how things were developing out at Nauset Beach and Nauset Light Beach.

Cape Cod Innkeeper

Cape Cod Innkeeper Spots a New Career Opportunity but Can't Spot Irene!

We will try and capture some other photos to share as the storm moves past our Cape Cod Inn and hopefuly The Platinum Pebble will still be in the same spot once the storm is through!

Safe travels,