A Classic Day on A Cape Cod Vacation

Simon Hunton -


Father’s Day is “Petrolhead” Day on Cape Cod. Every year local car enthusiasts buff up their classic pride and joy and park it on Main Street in Hyannis for the world, well the contingent that’s savoring summer on Cape Cod, to enjoy and wistfully imagine themselves behind the wheels. So as a new innkeeper, this is the inaugural year for The Platinum Pebble as a Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, and fair weather “Petrolhead” I tootled down to Hyannis with some of our guests to check out the “tin”.
There must have been over 300 classic cars parked in the sun on Main Street and hordes of locals and tourists out admiring the types of cars that would have graced a Top Gear in the 1950’s and 1960’s; Impalas, Corvettes, Cobras, Vipers, Mustangs, Spiders, GTOs, Thunderbirds, Camarros and various Shelby powered models. Even some precocious Europeans were allowed to sneak in; a 1961 Bentley, a Triumph TR3, a Porsche 914-16, a TVR, a couple of classic VW’s and an old rather grand Mercedes Benz.

The beauty of these old Roadsters was matched only be some of the strident and garish colors with which the cars were bedecked. Bright yellows and mint greens mixed with bursts of oranges and classic bright reds.

The guests from our Cape Cod Inn were busy snapping away taking photos so I thought I would join in and here are the results of my amateur photography:

British Classic

1961 Bentley

A Thunderbird on Cape Cod

1966 Ford Thunderbird

Cape Cod Classic Car Day

Coupe de Ville

Father's Day for a Cape Cod Inn

Coupe De Ville (Front)

Cape Cod Classic

1960 Corvette

Cape Cod June Event

An Understated Green

Day Out With Platinum Pebble Inn

Little Red Corvette

Classic Day on Cape Cod

Art Deco Cadillac

Cape Cod Air

Bel Air

Cape Cod Motor Show

Patriotic Ford Mustang

A British Triumph

Triumph TR3

Cape Cod Style

Thunderbirds are Go

Germans on Cape Cod

Porsche 914-16

Cape Cod Muscle

Shelby Cobra

Inn Cape Cod


Chevy on Cape Cod


If you want to treat a Father you know next year or if you have a penchant for all things auto then visit Cape Cod and give us a call at The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn.

Safe travels,