Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Mike Hogan -
Updated on July 13th, 2017


As the Great White Shark population grows, so do the Cape Cod Shark Adventures!


If you are looking for adventure, there is nothing like Cape Cod Shark Adventures!  There were 68 Great White Sharks tagged off the Outer Cape in 2014.  With a growing seal population that number will only go up.  2015 numbers are not in but, the rumors are that its in the high 70s already.  Why not take a close up visit to the seal colonies of Monomoy Island and see if you can spot a Great White.  It is a lot different in person.


Cape Cod Shark Adventures

An ominous morning at the Chatham Pier.


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The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn’s Cape Cod Shark Adventures Package has the benefit of a Captain that has been sailing these waters for years and knows where to find a lot of seal activity.  You don’t really have to look far, they are everywhere…most heavily concentrated around the Chatham and Monomoy Island areas.  If you are looking at seals you know the sharks are not far behind.  When cruising Shark Cove you are in one of the most beautiful areas to be found on Cape.  South of the Chatham Pier and Harbor is an untouched land of sand and seals.  The 10 mile spit of sand stretching south off Chatham is Monomoy Island.  There was a picture on the cover of the Cape Cod times recently of a shark breaching off Monomoy, amazing!


Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Successful Cape Cod Shark Adventures!


Some of the more amazing Cape Cod Shark Adventures:

– Great White follows a kayaker at Nauset Beach (right behind him!)

-Great White gets stuck in Salt Pond

-Great White dumps two kayakers out of their boats near Plymouth in Cape Cod Bay (they were reportedly going to a seal colony to see a seal that had been attacked by a shark.  Come on!)

-Great White beaches itself in Chatham chasing a seagull

-Great White chases all the tourists off the beach at Nauset Light!


Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Blood and Seals, Sharks have got to be around somewhere!


If you are staying with us at the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn, we would love to introduce you to Captain Darren and the time of your life!  This is the kind of experience you only see on National Geographic and it is in the most beautiful setting on Earth, Cape Cod.  We know you will see Seals, you just might see some Great White Sharks!  Are you ready for Cape Cod Shark Adventures?

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Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Feeding time!


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