A Pair of Red Sox on Cape Cod

Simon Hunton -

Events last week conspired to bring a broad smile to my face; the overwhelming friendliness of Cape-Codders, how small the world can be, how the fanatical devotion of supporting a sports team can make a first-time acquaintance seem like a life-long friend (maybe this is more of a male thing), beautiful Cape Cod weather and getting a “pass” to sneak-out for a game of golf.  Let me explain further……

On 15th October, New England Sports Ventures acquired Liverpool Football Club, the most successful soccer club in English history. A monumental deal that brings two of the world’s most famous sporting dynasties, Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox, together under one owner. Coincidentally, as Liverpool is the only major English soccer club to wear entirely red socks, it also brings the two great “Red Sox” teams together (though I’m sure the opportunity to leverage bulk sock purchases wasn’t the key motivation for the deal!).

As a fully signed-up Liverpool supporter of many years standing (and more recently sitting-down), I was thrilled that the ownership that has transformed the Boston Red Sox is now focused on the “Mighty Reds” of Liverpool. To celebrate I set off with Scottish friend Martin to enjoy a sunny day on Cape Cod playing golf at The Captains Golf Course in Brewster. This golf course, one of the 35 here on Cape Cod, is blessed with two immaculately manicured courses (“Port” & “Starboard”) and as Liverpool is a historic seafaring city it was fitting that we were playing the “Port” course. Walking up to the first tee we joined the other golfers with whom we had been paired for the day, and there I met Ken.

Ken, a resident of Orleans and Harvard, was proudly sporting a Liverpool baseball cap on his head, which to be fair was not an unreasonable place to put it. I was absolutely gob-smacked. Here I was on a different continent from the hallowed turf of Anfield (Liverpool’s stadium), expecting to be celebrating Liverpool’s new ownership in isolation but instead finding myself face-to-face with a Cape Cod local, whose passion for Liverpool equaled my own and who too was out to celebrate the joining of Boston to Liverpool. We spent the day, no doubt boring our partners to distraction, discussing players past and present, team formations and the vagaries of the offside rule. The world can at times seem so large, fast and impersonal and yet moments like this occur when it suddenly becomes small and unique, where shared passions and experiences create immediate bonds and friendships; wonderful!

As a Liverpudlian (or “Scouser”) living on Cape Cod, I can provide some background on the new member of the Massachusetts sporting family:
The football club was founded in 1892, a mere 9 years before the Boston Red Sox made their entrance on the baseball stage, and has enjoyed a rich history that has brought them 5 European Cups, a record for an English team, and 18 English league titles, also a record. The league title is the equivalent of the World Series pennant. However the last league title won was way back in 1990, so a drought of 20 years will hopefully come to a much-awaited end under our new Boston stewardship. I’ve stood many Saturdays on “The Kop” at Anfield fortunate to watch some of my heroes performing wonders with a soccer ball. Whether bathed in sunlight or drenched by the English rain, nothing lifted the heart more than seeing a Liverpool player thundering the ball into the back of the net!

So as I walk along my local Cape Cod beach these warm Fall days, my mind will be alive with the prospects of seeing Liverpool coming to Boston next Summer to play and just maybe taking some time to vacation at a perfect Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast that I know in Harwich, The Platinum Pebble Inn, where anybody from Liverpool will always receive the warmest of welcomes.

For those signing up to our mailing list there will also be the opportunity to take advantage of a special “Red Sox – You’ll Never Walk Alone” deal to celebrate the purchase of Liverpool FC.
For those wishing to come and play some of the many golf courses on Cape Cod, The Platinum Pebble provides a perfect base location, with many of the top courses within easy reach.

Safe travels,

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    Si you have found your true calling, may you never get writer’s block! M x