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Cape Cod Beer | Beer, Beer, Beer…We Love Beer!

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Cape Cod Beer

Cape Cod Beer Tours and Events   You come to Cape Cod for different reasons but, one things remains unchanged. . .seafood and beer go great together!  The Cape is lucky to have several great local breweries to keep us covered in suds.  Some of our favorites; Cape Cod Beer, Devil’s Purse Brewery, and Cisco… [ READ MORE ]

New England Fall Foliage | Cape Cod

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New England Fall Foliage

The Time for New England Fall Foliage is Near!   The New England Fall Foliage tour is a riotous display of color from the mountains to the coast.  When the temperatures cool is when the color begins, starting in Maine and working its way South like a slow fog creeping in.  The vivid reds, oranges,… [ READ MORE ]

What Happens When a Cape Cod Honeymoon Meets a Luxury Inn? Magic!

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Cape Cod Honeymoon

There is Magic in a Cape Cod Honeymoon, Let Us Be Your guide   Why escape to a Cape Cod Honeymoon?  It is a magical place (truly, time seems to slow when you are here) but, it also offers everything you would want in a relaxing, outdoors, beach vacation.  Walk to ice cream, ride bikes… [ READ MORE ]

Best Time to Visit Cape Cod

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Best time to visit Cape Cod

When is the best time to visit Cape Cod?   The best time to visit Cape Cod is whenever you want to.  The best time depends on what you want to do while you are here.   The Cape is always an amazing place, with some local knowledge you can maximize what you want out of… [ READ MORE ]

The Ultimate Cape Cod Dining Experience | Clean Slate Eatery

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Cape Cod Dining

Cape Cod Dining Experience?  Absolutely. The phrase Cape Cod dining experience may throw you a bit, who would have thought the Cape was on the bleeding edge of true foodie venues?  We found the ultimate dining experience at Clean Slate Eatery in West Dennis…eight minutes from the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn! The word experience was… [ READ MORE ]