Cape Cod Adventures

Mike Hogan -
Updated on October 16th, 2015


Now is the time for Cape Cod Adventures, Autumn is almost here and there is nothing like New England in the Fall.  The crowds have all but disappeared and the temperatures hover at near perfect.  71 degree highs and 56 degree lows mean sunny days on the beach and nights by the fire pit.  We have highlighted the best adventure packages to give you a taste.

Cape Cod Adventures

Fall is the time for great surf on the Outer Cape.

Surf School/Surf Guide

If you have ever thought of learning to surf, you should do it!  It is one of the best sports you can do on the water and easily one of our favorite Cape Cod Adventures.  The Outer Cape is an amazing place to be.  Sand dunes up to 70 feet tall butt up to the surf and shadow a seemingly endless highway of sand.  If this is your first surf experience, this is definitely where you want to learn.  It is unforgettable.  The surf starts to build in September and by November it is massive.  The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn Surf Adventure Package books through September.  Sometimes into October, depending on weather.

Cape Cod Adventures

Kayaking is the BEST way to see the secret waterways of Cape Cod.


Kayaking remains one of the best Cape Cod Adventures that we have explored.  The slow pace and easy paddle gives you the supreme benefit of seeing everything up close and personal.  If you are looking for the experience that you will remember at 80, this is the one.  The guide we use takes you to parts of the Cape that are completely inaccessible otherwise.  If you like to live like a local and want to find the best secret spots, come on a kayak tour and see if you become a lifelong fan.  We did.

Cape Cod Adventures

Stand Up Paddleboard into the heart of the Cape.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

There is one danger to Paddleboarding the Cape, it makes you realize how much there is to see and keeps you coming back for more.  This is another way to see a side of Cape Cod that few people ever get to experience.  This is one of the Cape Cod Adventures that keeps us coming back for more.  The wildlife is ridiculous and you will see some spectacular things if you pay attention.  We had a guest from England see a Bald Eagle at Nickerson State Park!  We have only seen one Bald Eagle in our entire lives and we live here.

Cape Cod Adventures

One of the many secret spots we have found while biking the Cape.

One of the best ways to explore the Cape by land is to bike it!  The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn has you covered with our complimentary Platinum Peddles bike program.  In a one mile loop around the Inn you have several small, more private beaches to discover, lots of great lunch stops including Banderas Market and Deli, Sundae School Ice Cream for a chilling post bike ride treat,  and the Herring River to swim in and cool off.  Almost every street eventually leads to the beach, what are you going to find when you get there?  Is this your next favorite secret spot?  For Cape Cod Adventures, this one can’t be beat.  Please see our Adventure Packages page if you are interested in booking a guided trip the next time you visit us on sunny Cape Cod.