A Cape Cod Trail

Simon Hunton -


Spring is here and Cape Cod has sprung into life with the sound of song-birds. There’s a serious amount of early morning tweeting going on and fortunately none of it involves a smart-phone and somebody “sharing” what they had for breakfast, the shocking discovery of a zit or their thoughts on last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice”.
Instead we have the morning chorus of finches, cardinals and warblers, who are making their yearly stop-off on Cape Cod as they travel back from their winter vacation in South America to their Summer homes in Canada.

Also back on Cape Cod for the Spring & Summer are the ospreys, some of which can be seen a short distance from The Platinum Pebble at the Bells Neck Conservation Area in West Harwich. On 30th March, the Mass Audubon reported that bird-sightings at Bells Neck included 14 gadwall, 23 green-winged teal, 10 black-crowned night-herons, 4 osprey, 3 killdeer, 2 greater yellowlegs, a belted kingfisher, and 14 double-crested cormorants. Funnily enough I was actually taking a walk along the trails at Bells Neck that very day with Annabelle and a friend who had also flown in for a Spring visit. We weren’t lucky enough to see the ospreys but did see cormorants (note to self: birds rather than diatribes about mild Indian curries), herons and many types of water fowl.Bells Neck, HarwichCape Cod Trail Spring on Cape CodTrail close to The Platinum Pebble

Getting to Bells Neck to walk the trails, go bird-watching, cycling or to see the Herring-run in April is a short 10 minute walk from the inn. Rather than turning right when you leave the inn and strolling down to the beach, head left and a mile later you’re in the conservation area. Here you will find sign-posted trails through the woods and around the lakes and cranberry bogs. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I’m fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Of course before I left the Corporate world I had somebody who would do the pinching for me but now, alas, I have to do it myself.

If you need information on local walking trails please contact our Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast via the website, e-mail (stay@platinumpebble.com) or phone (1 508 432 7766).

Safe travels,