Don’t Miss these Restaurants in Harwich, Cape Cod!

Mike Hogan -
Updated on July 13th, 2017


Foodie restaurants in Harwich


Cape Cod is not known for its food but, that is quickly changing.  There are restaurants in Harwich that are worth the drive from Boston, just for a great meal!  We get into the bubble of our lives and have the same choices day to day.  Why not break that bubble for a weekend and explore some of the best foodie stops on Cape Cod, in Harwich?  Let this be your local’s guide to restaurants in Harwich not to be missed.

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In alphabetical order, the best restaurants in Harwich:

28 Atlantic, Wequassett Resort


This is one of the best fine dining venues on Cape Cod, period.  A spectacular waterfront location overlooking Pleasant Bay and cuisine of the highest caliber make this a dining event you will not soon forget.  The Wequassett Resort is a 5 Star rated property and it shows, the service is impeccable and everything is designed for the Guest experience.  If you are coming to Cape Cod, you should try 28 Atlantic at least once while you are here.  You will not be disappointed.

Buca’s – Tuscan Italian


This is one of the restaurants in Harwich that can be an eye opener if you have never had Tuscan Italian cuisine before.  Buca’s grilled Romaine lettuce with lemon gorgonzola dressing is just an example of turning ordinary into extraordinary.  Not your typical Italian and not typical for Cape Cod, this is one of the restaurants in Harwich that will leave an impression.  You may enjoy it so much you decide that twice on vacation is not a bad idea (it has happened before).

Cape Sea Grille


Cape Cod would not be what it is without seafood and seafood done exceptionally well is what you will find at Cape Sea Grille.  They use fresh, local ingredients and native seafood to create a dining experience that exposes you to the flavors of New England in an authentic Cape Cod setting.  Make it a perfect evening and stroll downtown Harwichport before your meal.  As you walk down Sea Street towards the beach and Cape Sea Grille, you feel what it means to be a Cape Codder…even for just an evening.

Harwich restaurants

L’Alouette – French Bistro


Who would think that one of the great restaurants in Harwich would be French fine dining?  L’Alouette is in a little house just off Route 28 that does not give a clue as to the dining experience you will find inside.  Duck Two Ways (Crispy Confit and Boneless Breast) is a popular dish sure to leave you wanting more.  When you are looking for something a little different while on Cape, something you will be talking about at home, try L’Alouette.

Mooncusser’s – A Tapas Menu


Tapas!  Say no more.  If you like sampling great foodie fare, try Mooncusser’s tapas menu and enjoy multiple smaller plates with great combinations of flavors.  Maple Glazed Pork Belly is sure to grab the attention of anyone that loves food…and bacon.  For foodie restaurants in Harwich, this tops the list for creative food that delivers great flavors.  If smaller portioned Tapas plates are not your preference, full sized entrees are served as well.

Restaurants in Harwich

Noble House – Japanese Hibachi


Japan is known for great seafood and the sushi bar at the Noble House stand up to that reputation.  Add in a Hibachi experience and you have another one of the restaurants in Harwich delivering a delicious meal.  If you have not been to a Hibachi dinner, it is a fun show…performed tableside, as the chef grills up almost your entire meal in front of you.  5 courses of great tastes including flaming shrimp appetizer, Miso soup, salad with a choice ginger dressing, hibachi vegetables, and an entree like Filet & Scallops or Lobster & Chicken.  Walk to Noble House from the Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn.



The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn is lucky to have another amazing fine dining establishment not only in Harwich but also, walking distance from the inn.  Viera is relatively new to the list of restaurants in Harwich and they are on top of their game.  Everything is made from scratch using seasonal, fresh local ingredients and the result is an authentic experience highlighting the best of the region.  Foodie’s will love not one but, two menu items with Wagyu steak.

Villa Roma


If you are looking for traditional Italian fare served in an old Cape Cod home, Villa Roma is the place.  Comfort food done really well will leave you feeling happily stuffed after a full day exploring the Cape.  The Chef/Owner has decades of experience cooking for the locals and tourists of Cape Cod.  This is one of the restaurants in Harwich that knows how to stay busy, consistently deliver great food.  A cozy ambience and friendly staff make this a favorite Italian restaurant unlike any other on the Cape.

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